ISHIGAKI USA LTD is wholly owned subsidiary of Ishigaki Company, which develops and manufactures a comprehensive and innovative range of excellent solids / liquid separation equipment. These filters are used in water and waste water treatment processes as well as in various industrial and mining applications. Iconic to the range of filtration equipment for the mining industry produced by ISHIGAKI is the LASTA Filter Press, a fully automated pressure filter. The unique features of this filter are highly regarded in the global mining industry.

ISHIGAKI equipment design and development is based on efficiency, productivity, technological innovation and the effective treatment of commodities while at the same time paying due consideration to environmental considerations.

Our equipment caters to the specific processes required by customers - tailored solutions for each specific customer application.

ISHIGAKI USA LTD also delivers excellent after-sales service - a key focus in our company's philosophy.

Further Information:

  • Ishigaki Company, Certified ISO9001 and ISO4001 approved.