Ishigaki supplies the high customer satisfaction products and services on ISO9001 standard

ISHIGAKI provides customer satisfaction, equipment and services to ISO9001 international standard. We acquired ISO9001 in 1996. We strive to continuously improve quality, at the same time give serious consideration to the customers' opinion and manufacture products accordingly. Quality control is the manufacture's responsibility; to provide equipment and services to the full satisfaction of customers.

Quality Policy

ISHIGAKI takes the improvement of the customers' satisfaction as one of the most important to business management. Contribution to society in our business activities from taking an order, to the design, procurement, manufacture, setting up and providing the service of filtration equipment, separators, pumps, and Waterjets.

  1. ISHIGAKI meets the customers' needs, expectations and strives to provide equipment, products and service to the customers' trust and satisfaction.
  2. ISHIGAKI continuously improves the effectiveness of our quality management system and progresses further quality in all business activities.

In order to meet the above quality policy, ISHIGAKI sets objectives which are regularly reviewed and updated.